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We are a leader in the recruitment and placement of key individuals, conducting staff level and national senior level searches.

Our clients rely on The River Group to recruit and retain the top talent available. We have a proven track record of selecting the top currently employed candidates from our extensive searches and national database.

We will be respected and responsible partners to every company we serve, committed to the successful completion of each search with the placement of the best possible candidate according to the highest standards, morals and ethics.
The River Group offers both Contingency and Retained Placement Services, and can also design a hybrid model utilizing the features of both retained and contingency to tailor fit a solution for staffing challenges. In addition, we offer a Contract Staffing Service that addresses our clients more project-oriented business needs and can be a great solution for fluctuating economic climates. Whether conducting a retained or contingency search we believe quality is equally as important as speed, and that reducing time-to-fill with the right-fit candidate creates a long-term impact within each client company that we serve.

The River Group is committed to ensuring a successful recruiting experience for our clients and the industry professionals we present for employment opportunities.  We accomplish this by partnering, for excellence through every step of the recruiting lifecycle, maintaining a clear understanding of your career trajectory, strengths and concerns.  Thank you for giving our firm your consideration.
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