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Point10 Consulting, Inc

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Point10 Consulting, Inc. partners with Services Firms, M&A related practices, SMBs, late-stage startups, and companies/individuals in transition.

Specializing in High-Tech, Healthcare, and Life Science, including MEDDEV, MedTech, BioTech, and Digital Health - and anywhere that Healthcare/Life Science meets the bleeding edge of High-Tech.

Consulting Services: Delivering C-level and SME Consultants, Advisors, and Interim professionals.

Executive Recruiting: Hiring the ideal candidate with the right blend of experience, knowledge, and cultural fit. Providing: C-level Executives, Leadership, Department Heads, and SME candidates.

Skilled in building teams and building out practices, identifying hard to find resources and recruiting & delivering individuals who have the cognitive agility, the right skills, experience, and cultural fit, with the drive and ability to move a project, team, or company to the far right on the continuum of success!

Our Process

Our primary and differentiating characteristic is our committed focus to our specialty areas, working with organizations who benefit from our focused expertise, and our vast network of contacts and potential candidates in that space. Our deep knowledge and experience in our areas of specialization leads to valuable results, in response time and more qualified, targeted candidates.

Merger & Acquisition Resource Solutions

We have decades of experience delivering high powered resources to Professional Services companies.  We understand the needs of our clients and service companies.

We are well versed in providing high-performance individuals with strong pedigrees, cognitive horse-power, a history of real success, and who have a real passion for what they do!

“Our entire process, from start to finish, ensures we deliver the perfect individual; who can dramatically increase the level of success.”

“This is a differentiating value we provide to our clients – one we are proud of and committed to.”

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