With our Aspiration, Promise and Behaviour as our foundation, Danfoss lives up to the expectations of being a responsible world citizen.This is deeply rooted in our history and culture and it is be reflected in the way we carry out our daily business.

Danfoss' relationship with all stakeholders shall be characterized by trust. Trust that we earn through our actions and corporate reputation.

A life is about much more than work. There needs to be room enough for it all: creating a career for yourself, creating a purposeful attitude and making a difference, being a complete human being with the choice of pursuing your objectives and creating your own holistic framework, without it necessarily being similar to that of others. 

The opportunity of living a life in balance with the requirements of your work is something which you will find throughout our company. This is so, because we believe that our successes are created by employees who want to achieve, on behalf of themselves and the company. 

People before systems 
People always come first and it is our first duty to help everyone perform their best. Just like any other company, we have structures and systems, but they have been designed to make the everyday easier - and to help us all work efficiently and in a target-oriented way. 

You will get far using your will to make a difference. It was exactly that spirit that shaped Danfoss to become the company of today - and which will shape the Danfoss of the future. 

Your workplace is the entire world 
We do not know how many nationalities work at Danfoss but there are many - and many of our employees have international contacts, both externally with customers and cooperation partners as well as internally with colleagues around the world. That's the reason Danfoss employees are required to be open-minded.

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